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Halal Authentic Indonesian Cuisine in the Heart of Singapore?


Welcoming you to IndoChili Restaurant. Situated on 54 Zion Road (opposite Great World City), expert chefs are ready to serve truly authentic Halal Indonesian dishes at its best.


This restaurant serves a wide-ranging menu that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds and bring you to the great memory of Indonesia. Using only the freshest seafood and spices, wide selection of grilled seafood will bring you a glance of coastal Indonesia. The most famous Combo Bakaran is a signature dish of grilled chicken and seafood selection, rich in flavour, and perfect for sharing with beloved friends and family.

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IndoChili does not offer buffet service, but their kitchen exceptional ala carte menu such as Beef Rendang, Lontong Cap Gomeh, and Sate Ayam Madura. Their authentic Beef Rendang is slowly-cooked with finest spices for four hours to deliver the rich, hot, and tender meat right on your plate.


The multicultural taste of Lontong Cap Gomeh is also another worth to try. Peranakan Chinese – Indonesians serve it as part of mandatory foods for Lebaran and Cap Gomeh celebration. This tantalizing food is made from slices of rice cake with savoury opor chicken, honey glazed tempe, and vegetable marrows topped with coconut gratings. To those who search for the taste of local street food, Sate Ayam should be on your top list. Lots of Malay and Singaporean travel from different places to try this glazy charcoal-grilled chicken skewer dipped in tasty peanut sauce.

Everybody waits for a special occasion to share the joy through good food. Serving the popular Nasi Tumpeng is a part of Indonesian culture to make every moment in life worth living and celebrating. This traditional Javanese dish is mountain-like yellow rice accompanied by scrumptious meat and vegetable side dishes. The rice symbolizes a volcano as the sacred place of gods and goddesses. Through generations, people still preserve this Nasi Tumpeng tradition to express the gratitude to God, appreciate togetherness and life harmony.


Looking for some sweet and refreshing delicacy to eat during the hot day? Make sure you try our wide selections of dessert and beverage, such as Es Cendol, Es Delima, and Durian Coffee Ice Blended. We wish every guest enjoy IndoChili rustic and traditional-touched interior as well as the alfresco terrace.

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Being nominated as one of the Top Halal Restaurant, IndoChili is committed to serve the unforgettable dining experience, suitable for any occasion, including family gathering, business meeting, or your intimate moments with partner. Visit their website for a perfect  Halal friendly restaurant for lunch or dinner, particularly with Moslem friends and colleagues.


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