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IndoChili now offers food delivery service island-wide. Whenever you need a great halal food from an authentic Indonesian restaurant, we are here for you!

Award-winning Halal Indonesian restaurant

IndoChili is the premium brand of Java Kitchen Group serving Singaporeans an exquisite authentic Indonesian cuisine. The group has been around since 1988 and has been faithfully serving only authentic Indonesian food in dozens of outlets in Jakarta and Singapore. IndoChili is proud to process its spices from scratch using only natural and fresh spices / ingredients. IndoChili does not add any MSG in cooking and strive to presents our customers the best taste of Indonesia – mostly from Java, Padang, and Bali.

Food Delivery Services by IndoChili

Below you may find a snapshot of the range of the delivery services that IndoChili are providing to Indonesian food lovers in Singapore. Please feel free to speak with our delivery team via our WhatsApp number +65 89228185 or call us at +65 64451766 to get a quote or assistance on your food catering needs.

- Halal Bento Lunch Box -

IndoChili bento is an easy to order option that is suitable for a wide range of events in private and corporate settings. Some of the favourite bento menu are vegetarian set rice, chicken satay set rice, yellow rice rendang bento set, and seafood fried rice set. Please click the picture below to see more pictures of our bento selections or download our Bento Menu PDF.

- IndoChili Ala-Carte Menu -

IndoChili also delivers its ala-carte menu which would open you up to our favourite Indonesian dishes that can be enjoyed wherever you are. Our most popular dishes are: Tumpeng mini, Beef rendang, Gado-gado, Oxtail soup, Chicken satay, Tahu Telor, and many others. Click on the image below to see our delicious Indonesian food menu.

- Nasi Tumpeng -

No other Indonesian food is as grand and rich in meaning as this Nasi Tumpeng. This tray of delicious tradition can serve up to 30pax. IndoChili Nasi Tumpeng has been enjoyed by dignitaries and even by both Singapore and Indonesian government leaders. This royal menu will surely be fitting for your special events like: Hari Raya, wedding ceremony, baby shower party, house warming, and grand opening of offices or projects commencement. Find out more about the variety packages and sizes by clicking the image below.

- Kueh Lapis -

IndoChili Kueh Lapis might be one of the most sought after in Singapore and has been featured in many magazines. Find out more about it by clicking on the image below. Please be warned that stocks are very limited.

That is all we have to share about IndoChili food delivery service. Feel free to contact us or browse our website to find more information. Feel free to leave us a feedback on how we can serve you better at the contact us form below.


Thank you!