Dinner in Singapore – Where should you go?

Dinner in Singapore ~ IndoChili

We all love dining out. We all love to try out new foods, new places, gathering with friends and family and it would not be complete without a session of dining in a restaurant. Singapore is a very vibrant and busy city and there is everything for everyone. There are so many dining options in Singapore with so many varieties but one thing for sure is that there are always new places popping up in Singapore for you to try.


What to expect when dining in Singapore at Indochili?


Singapore is known for its fresh air, convenience and a very efficient city. Indochili restaurant has been carefully designed so that you can enjoy Singapore’s fresh air and its convenient central location. When dining at Indochili you can expect to be able to enjoy authentic Indonesian food that is worth every bit of your penny. Indochili offers traditional Indonesian food that is suitable for everyone. Just like Singapore with its varieties, Indochili also offers a wide variety of dishes to cater everyone.


Indochili proudly specialises in authentic traditional Indonesian cuisine. We want you to be able to experience the wonderful Indonesian cuisine just like its original taste if you were to dine in Indonesia. We want the world to be able to appreciate the true flavour of Indonesian food through our dishes. A good way to start is by discovering some of our most traditional dishes.


In Indonesia, more often than not, we always have rice on our table. Most people are so accustomed to eating rice that they will feel that their meal isn’t yet complete without a serve of rice on their plate. For true Indonesian style, try our rice dishes to see whether you are a true Indonesian at heart.


Nasi Timbel – traditionally, nasi timbel is a “lunch-box” prepared for hard-working farmers by their loving wives. It’s aromatic banana-leaf wrapped rice, combined with its tasty fried chicken, tofu, tempe, salted fish, and a bowl of sayur asem will surely make your day!


Nasi Kampung – Literally, it means “village rice”. It refers to the food that used to be eaten by peasants. However, it has developed into a delicacy that is loved by both wealthy and lowly. Our nasi kampung is served with omelette, urap, tempe balado, bakwan jagung, pickles and toasted coconut.


Nasi Goreng Seafood – Voted as one of the best food in the world, this Indonesian street food is cherished by people from around the world. Our seafood fried rice is sauteed with prawns, squid, and topped with fried egg. Make sure you give these dishes a try for true Indonesian food experience.