Yellow Rice Singapore – Indonesian Nasi Tumpeng

We all like to go the extra mile on special occassions. Let it be gatherings, celebrations, welcome events or even on-going regular activities; we express it through our food. Nasi Tumpeng is a traditional celebratory dish that is usually served during special events or celebrations. It is an iconic dish that is loved by generations as it represents values and traditions within the Indonesian culture. The value of Nasi Tumpeng is still being carried by Indonesian people through generations. The meaning behind nasi tumpeng has not shifted even for a bit.

Nasi Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice dish with meat and vegetables side dishes surrounding it. According to the Java tradition, the cone-shaped rice meant to mimic the mountains and volcanoes as the abode of the gods. Its cone shape is to represent Java as a fertile island made up of mountains and volcanoes. Its yellow-colored rice is a result of the use of turmeric and it is intentionally done in a way to represent gold or abundance.

During a celebration, the top of tumpeng is cut and delivered to the most important person. It is a dish where people express the gratitude to God and appreciate togetherness and harmony. In Yogjakarta, Central Java, nasi tumpeng tradition has been taken to another level. Nasi tumpeng, or what we called ‘tumpengan’ as a celebration activity involving the nasi tumpeng dish, is done the night before Indonesia’s Independence day as a way to pray for the welfare of the nation.

There are so many variations to nasi tumpeng in the serving of the side dish. The rule of thumb is to have a good balance between meat and vegetables but of course it is all according to the requirement of the party. Traditional Java Tumpeng is way more complex to the general ones because every element has to balance one another requires according to each Javanese beliefs.

Here at Indochili, we believe in the value of nasi tumpeng and would like to share this fascinating culture to everyone. Not only that we get to enjoy nasi tumpeng for our celebrative moment but we also want people to enjoy nasi tumpeng whenever they want. Most nasi tumpeng are served in large quantity to cater a large number of people but here at Indochili, we serve mini nasi tumpeng to cater individual’s needs. It has been prepared carefully for your enjoyment.

Make sure you give Mini Nasi Tumpeng a try and share this amazing Indonesian culture at Indochili.

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