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At IndoChili, we pride in serving you not only the best taste of Indonesian cuisine but also a peek into Indonesian culture. We accomplish this through an intricate and elaborate process of interior designing. 


We wish to present an Indonesian ambience that respect both the traditional heritage as well as the modern dynamism that Indonesia has. Traditionally, many of the elements are wood in nature. Hence, the warm and rustic feeling that we bring in via the traditional window pieces, wickers on ceiling, lightings, furnitures, and other surface areas. Indonesia was also influenced by the colonization culture and we bring this nuance via the metal antique lamps which you may also found in many Javanese palaces till this day.


Another element that we wish to share is the homy feeling that you have when you visit an old house in Indonesia. One of the distinguishing factor is the traditional cement-tiles flooring. For our branch in Tanjong Pagar, we custom order our flooring and ship them in from Central Java.


At the end of the day, it is more than just about business consideration when it comes to setting up our restaurant as our mission is to pass down our love of Indonesian cuisine and culture to the next generation all over the world.


This year, IndoChili is happily designated as one of the 10 best restaurants with a view by the folks at BestInSingapore. Here is what they wrote about us:


"They’re the leading restaurant when it comes to Indonesian dishes, offering only the most authentic of cuisines. All of which are made with the freshest ingredients and spices."


"IndoChili desires to represent Indonesia through taste and vision, which is why they proudly make use of a uniquely modern yet rustic Indonesian ambience, amplified by the elements they imported from the archipelago themselves."  


 IndoChili - Best in Singapore

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