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Halal Restaurant in Singapore | Where should you go

Halal Restaurant in Singapore Halal Authentic Indonesian Cuisine in the Heart of Singapore? Welcoming you to IndoChili Restaurant. Situated on 54 Zion Road (opposite Great World City), expert chefs are ready to serve truly authentic Halal Indonesian dishes at its best. This restaurant serves a wide-ranging menu that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds and bring […]

Top 10 Indonesian Food that you must try

Top 10 Indonesian Food that you must try! I am pretty sure that you’ve heard of Indonesia or maybe some of you think that Bali is somewhere near Indonesia and thought that it is a country of its own. Maybe it was all because the diversity of Indonesian culture that made us (or some of […]

Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore – IndoChili

What to expect from an Indonesian Restaurant like ours? When you visit an Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore, you can expect flavorful and healthier foods prepared with care from fresh ingredients. Indonesian food is as diverse as the culture it represents, but expect strong, bold flavors and a commitment to quality – one of the hallmarks […]

Singapore Restaurant – Best of The Best

Singapore Restaurant – IndoChili Restaurant Singapore is well known for its top notch tourism industry. Named as one of the best holiday and travel destinations when it comes to convenience, vibrant night life, endless dining options and tourist attractions. It is quite mind boggling to be faced with so many choices when it comes to […]

Dinner in Singapore | Where should you go

Dinner in Singapore – Where should you go? We all love dining out. We all love to try out new foods, new places, gathering with friends and family and it would not be complete without a session of dining in a restaurant. Singapore is a very vibrant and busy city and there is everything for everyone. […]

Yellow Rice Singapore – Indonesian Nasi Tumpeng

We all like to go the extra mile on special occassions. Let it be gatherings, celebrations, welcome events or even on-going regular activities; we express it through our food. Nasi Tumpeng is a traditional celebratory dish that is usually served during special events or celebrations. It is an iconic dish that is loved by generations […]