11 Reasons NOT to Try Indonesian Food

1. You’ll drool just thinking about it…

2. There is so much variety, You will feel like you are missing out on something else

3. What!! My Rendang Daging only comes in very well done?! Did the chef make a mistake?

4. Birthday Celebration.. Hmm.. How am I supposed to blow my birthday candles?

5. The Kerak Telor is so crispy, everyone is staring at you while you’re eating it

6. Your friends cannot understand why you are having rice all the time




7. Are you kiddin me?! How can food be nutritious and tasty at the same time?

8. WHAT?! No MSG? Will my food still be as tasty??

9. You wonder where are the utensils.. if any

10. Spending quality time with my friends over Nasi Tumpeng? Nay. I’ll just eat my cup noodles

11. Seriously… Who needs an Es Teler in a tropical weather like Singapore?